GCC was founded in 2006 as very first African-based collateral management company on the continent.  The shareholders identified South Africa as the ideal location to establish the head office:  The country offers arguably the most advanced economy on the continent and sophisticated infrastructure, yet maintains its true African identity.

Having established our presence well before the financial crisis hit in 2008, we have managed to continuously adapt our business model and strategies to service the requirements of the ever-changing collateralized derivatives market.


In addition to the restrictions imposed on international financing institutions by Capital Requirements Regulation (“CRR”) and Basel III, we believe that the general business arena in Africa is intricate and unique. The rich culture, poverty, technological limitations and developing infrastructure are only some of the aspects which needs to be well understood.

The fertile African landscape with its wealth of natural resources offers immense potential for investment and growth, but a funding gap exists due to the perceived high credit risk associated with emerging markets.  Collateral management offers a solution to this: Mitigating the risk of the Financier to suffer exponential losses in the event of client default.  Movable trade goods are pledged in order to securitize loans.  


The Collateral Manager takes full control over these goods on behalf of the Financier, providing the Financier with constructive possession which in turn is essential to satisfy regulatory requirements in the absence of available capital to act as a buffer in the event of non-payment. 

GCC maintains its ISO9001:2015 certification in the strictest compliance to ensure our service offering is measured against the highest quality standards.  Our flagship entity in South Africa is a proud BBB-EE contributor and continues to support local communities via our corporate social responsibility program.  We further take pride in empowering the diverse labour markets that exist in our operating countries which enables us to better understand the local culture within the region.

GCC’s footprint expands into several African countries and we continue to grow as we recognize opportunities to serve neighboring territories. 

Vision: Being the first African-based and owned service provider of Inspections and Collateral Management services of substance, we aim to maintain our high standards and integrity thus becoming the first choice supplier of these and related services in Africa.

Mission: GCC specializes in Collateral Management and related activities in the region utilizing local resources and personnel, thus providing a cost effective, flexible, timely and quality service based on the full dedication of its team whilst contributing to the economic development of the region.