Product knowledge is imperative for GCC to understand the risks associated with the stock under our control. To that effect, we have a dedicated Operations Auditor tasked with developing product specifications and providing adequate training to the Operations Team. The Operations Auditor role is segregated from Operations in that the Auditor reports directly to the Board on any matters of concern involving GCC’s operations.    

Collateral Management of Assets

CMA involves GCC taking full, 24/7 control over stock after completion of detailed due diligence at the storage facility. Physical security measures include locking & sealing of storage facilities, issuance of electronic warehouse receipts, regular stock counts to reconcile theoretical with actual balances, use of tally- and incident books as well as other customized solutions to mitigate the risk of unauthorized stock releases. These measures are further enhanced by unannounced internal- and external audits at the various sites. Although impossible to fully eliminate risk, GCC’s liability and outturn guarantees provide assurance to our Clients in terms of our commitment to securitization of assets under our control. Strict protocols are followed to ensure that even the slightest breaches and stock discrepancies are identified and reported to stakeholders immediately.

136173053 - bulk white urea fertilizer in warehouses waiting to be delivered to customers

Stock Monitoring of Assets

SMA is a lesser liability engagement whereby GCC is contracted to report at agreed intervals on stock positions as at date and time of such attendance.  Stock survey reports are issued to detail the Inspector’s findings.

Coal discharging operation on bulk ship.

Inspections and vessel superintendence services

Include quantity verification, quality inspections, sampling, analysis, testing- and tally services.  These services are tailored to meet our clients’ needs.